Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dwayne's Corner

Hey family, 2010 is almost here are you building your passive investments?
1.For anyone who wants to start "Forex Robot Training" I have a holiday 2 for 1 offer.You bring another person to your private webinar classes you can split the full price 50/50...Email me for details

2.The Forex Robot Investment Club is still open the minimum is 500.00 to join.I will start trading Jan 2, 2009.Email me for details

3.Passive programs and the forex robots are all doing well.Go to my website click passive investments and signup with a few..

4.I am looking for people with credit scores of over 700 who like to be business partners with me..Only serious people please.. Email me for details

5.I will be having a free "Forex Robot Webinar" preview this Tuesday at 7pm pt. If interested , email me at so I can send you link.

The Mooney Twins