Monday, December 21, 2009

Dwayne's Corner

2010 will be an amazing year! Click the link below to view the NBC news - channel 7 interview with The Mooney Twins & dear friend Makena Hayes -GargonnuConcious Comedy Explosion NBC-7 Interview Click below to see the scoop on the Mooney Twins press releaseThe Scoop on Paul Mooney's Twin Sons
Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. We value our relationships and thank you for your interest in The Mooney Twins endeavors. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the coming year. 2010 promises exciting changes, reconnection with love ones, strengthened relationships, and clarity in vision. Plus, we have to say: a better experience with the all mighty dollar!

All the best to you, your family, and your organization,The Mooney Twins

Last Newsletter of the year. It has been one heck of a year for passive investing! Dwayne Mooney, co-founder with Daryl Mooney of the Mooney Twins Network has become one of the premiere experts on the subject.

A note from Dwayne Mooney After lots of research, study and of course implementation I have developed a strategy that is bulletproof...

Because of my knowledge my clients are well on the road to financial success. Be sure that, when you're ready, you can jump aboard and experience the same growth in 2010...
I specialize in low-risk hyip's,managed forex accounts,forex robots and I teach people how to trade in the forex market by utilizing forex robots and trading software. As a team, my brother and I also help with obtaining Corporate Credit and innovative credit repair. Feel free to call me up to ask me about this. In 2010 I will be expanding my base and adding real estate investing and online passive businesses that help bring extra income into households. However passive investing will always be at the center of the helm, here at The Mooney Twins Network. Two passive investment programs you should take a look at during the holidays; while you're buying gifts make sure to buy some assets too. 1. PTV Partner This program has private placement investments with regular teleconferences to update members on what is going on. Best investment programs pay 90% profit in 40 days. 2. My Click Sense This is a forex managed account where you put your money in your own broker's account and connect it to the managed account. This month they're already up 34%...You can start with as low as $25.00. For my other passive investment programs go to and click passive investment programs.
How to Win in 2010! If you want to win in 2010 passive investing is the way to go.This is what the rich do. Robet Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" fame, preaches about the importance of having your money work for you.. Harv Ecker who wrote the book "The Secret's of The Millionaire Mind" says, "Passive income is the number one priority to your financial success.." Tony Robbins says, "You must build substainable income for longterm wealth." Why I single these celebrity millionaire's out? because they are not typical feel good motivational speakers, they actually teach how to make money but you have to spend a arm and a leg to get the information. Right now you can basically work with me for free but that will change....As I write this newsletter my brother and I are in negotiations to feature in Forex Trading Infomercials that will be released early next year.Other news My brother and I have gotten back into stand-up comedy and things are taking off. Click the link below to view an interview on NBC about the term we coined, Conscious Comedy, with producer of the Conscious Comedy Explosion, Makena Hayes Gargonnu, of San Diego. Conscious Comedy Takes Center Stage in San Diego
Click below to see the scoop on the Mooney Twins press releaseWhat Paul Mooney's Twin Sons are Doing on the Comedy Scene Today
Final message for 2009It has been a joy informing and educating our beloved friends on secret passive investment systems that the super rich don't want you to know about.
Make 2010 the year that you get involved with passive investing so you too can start preparing for your financial freedom.
-Dwayne MooneyThe Mooney Twins

The Mooney Twins