Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dwayne's Corner

Hey People,
It's been along time been busy getting my Stand-up Comedy and Personal Development Speaking business off the ground..

The world of passive investing is getting better and better..The bottom line is you have to keep at it to become good at it.You start understanding how to play the game.That is the key, treat passive investing as a game and you will win month after month.

New Passive investing programs
Mandarin-Invest invests in China's growing economy best plan pays 1 to 3% a day.. Aballong is an Arbitrage Betting program that show how they invest your money. Profits are based on performance pays 1 to 9% a week.

New business I just started, help me out!

Go to these sites and check out the links that interest you,it's free.

Forex Robot Training
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