Monday, February 18, 2008

February is Black History. Let's talk about the history of blacks and money

In the Black

February is a very special month of the year for the Mooney Twins. We always get excited, that for one whole month America gives homage and recognition to the history of Americans of African decent.

We are grateful that our ancestors fought and died for our right to seriously pursue success.

Our culture is rich with Blacks who helped America become great. Rightly so, every February we hear about the inventions, and historical events our people were in volved in and created. We hear talks of greats like Martin Luthur King, Malcom X and Harriot Tubman, and those who were committed to the noble fight.

But seldom do we hear about the millionaires of black history. We'd like to introduce you to a few blacks who were, let us say, "In the black." In other words, those who were self-made millionaires during the height of racism in America. Prominate individuals that immediately come to mind are AG Gaston and Madame CJ Walker.

AG Gaston [July 4,1892-Jan 19,1996]was a businessman who established a number of businesses in Burmingham Alabama. He opened a Savings and Loan Company in the early 1950s. In 1954 he built a Motel and had other successful business interest.

Madame CJ Walker [Dec 23,,1867-May 25,1919] was a entrepeneur who built and empire in the early 1900s by developing haircare products for black women. She recruited and trained black women all over the country to sell her hair products. She is hailed the mother of Network marketing and was the first female Millionaire in America.

Surly if Gaston and Walker could become successful with the the challenges they faced. We, Americans of African decent, who benefit greatly from the civil dilligence of our ancesters can do no less.

The same principals that helped them acheive apply today: work, vision, preseverance, leadership, determination and commitment.

We salute all past and present succesful Americans of African decent who are "in the black."

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