Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dwayne's Corner

If you are focused on obtaining Non-Personal Guarantor Corporate credit with the purchase of an Aged corporation, we have a unique opportunity to obtain funding with minimal risk up front.

How can you do this with minimal risk? (No chance of loss of principal):
To do this, you will need a credit card with at least $2,160 of credit available that will be able give you a refund within 60 days for any services that were not delivered to you or you are not satisfied with. (Please inquire with your credit card company.)
The first round of funding is in 35-45 days. So, if you have a credit card that meets that refund requirement, your $2,160 will be able to be refunded at anytime within those 60 days by the credit card company. (Many American Express cards have a longer than 60 day refund policy.) Please only pay with a credit card to limit your risk.

Financial Freedom Aged Corporation and Corporate Credit Program (program D)

No personal guarantor corporate credit funding.
Purchases and obtains funding for an aged corporation (3-8 years old) that you are buying. Approximately $300,000 in about 90-100 days. First round of funding in about 35-45 days.
The Corporation documentation includes: EIN#, DnB#, Certificate of Good Standing, Corp Info, Office, Toll Free 411 listed #, Fax #, Website, Financials, Bank Accounts, 80 plus PayDex
You may be able to select the state of your corporation from the list of their available corporations.

Anticipated fundings per round (based on last 17 fundings in the last 5 months). 3 rounds of funding, approximately every 30 days or so:
$50,000 to $120,000 in 35 to 45 days (first round)
$80,000 to $100,000: second round.
Remaining completion of funding the cumulative total of $300,000 in funding: in about 90-100 days.

Our due diligence has been limited here so far. However, utilizing your credit card will minimize your risk to the initial fee will be charged for the first 60 days on your credit card.

We were told by Dennis Keaton (our introducing broker):
17 of their existing clients have been funded in this program
Dennis Keaton (corporate credit broker) has about 6 years of experience in the corporate credit field.

Fees for the aged corporation purchase:
1 payment of $2,160 up front.
1 payment of $2,160 from first round of funding
1 payment of $2,180 due on the last round of funding.

Fees for the funding:
Approximately 17% to 18% from funding.
(They do have other options, if you pay more up front and then you can reduce back end fees.)

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