Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dwayne's Corner

Obama’s Whitehouse administration cemented history this week, finalizing the deal with the inauguration of a new president.

Meanwhile, the currency market was radically unstable, shifting in direction feverishly, until finally Friday officials of the Technology industry released its quarterly report- it wasn’t good, sales had declined. In keeping, the U.S. dollar suffered. Since the currency market never developed a logical trend, it just wasn’t a good week to do manual trades!

Look for the currency market to settle and start developing trends next week.

Beta Testing
We’re still beta testing the new auto trader –“robot” and we’re pleased to report that so far our trades remain generously in the green. We will continue with testing for another month or so to ensure the robot can handle a varied range of market conditions, tested over a quarter of the year. So far so good!

Passive Investment Income Programs
Most of our Passive Investment Income programs are doing well. Two of our private programs are recovering some loses from an apparent theft early in this winter. QlX3, GoldnuggetInvest, Easyshareprofit, AggeroInvestment,PremiumAdsClub are paying on time. Mrs VIP is still making their business transition, and are scheduled to restart payouts February 1, 2009. Visit the far right side of the home page at for more information, or to sign up if you haven’t already.

New Programs
Look for an announcement of several great new programs coming soon!

It's easy to make money in Passive Investment Income Programs (PIIP). Just be sure to spread your funds across several folders. If you have 6 arrangements working – fund them equally. Hick-ups happen. In the incident one of your programs bottoms out, you can still make enough from the others to handle the pressure. Invest 80% of your investment allowance in low risk to mid risk programs and 20% in high risk PIIP programs.

In Other News
We are very happy with Financial Destinations, Inc. (FDI) – An incredibly lucrative and smart network marketing program. FDI has top-of- the- line backing and specializes in a full range of financial services; from credit repair to debt management and everything else between and beyond. It’s truly a full service financial detail which has benefits that are absolutely astonishing, including 24/7 phone access to a licensed physician who can prescribe medications.

FDI has something for everyone. And it’s a wonderful program to have in your arsenal; a great conversational piece. And a winning way to earn dollars for the small talk you make to strangers, and even friends and family every day. You’ll always have something that matters to talk about.

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Go to to get your copy of The Mooney Twins’ Activate Your Millionaire Mind CD. Overcome stifling fears that preventyou from earning wealth. Gain precise tools and methods to put you on the path to success and abundance with residual earning and Passive Investment Income opportunities.

Activating the Millionaire Mind will forever change the way you think about money and your options for acquiring it, and help you to develop the winners mindset for getting exactly what you want in life. Somethings have the power to change your lives forever. The Mooney Twins Activating Your Millionaire Mind is one of those things!

Until next week .

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dwayne's Corner

We are approaching the middle of January and the stock market has had more turbulance than an airplane in a windy rain storm. The stock market reports were up earlier this month. But then last Friday the Job report came out. It was terrible, the job loss had not been so bad since World War II. In turn the stock market tumbled. We don't expect to see significant improvement until the new president is sworn in.

Shortly after the swearing in of President Barack Obama, the banks are due to get their bail out money. Then small businesses will get their necessary loans which in turn will create new jobs and spending. This will affect the stock market in an upward trend, we suspect.

In the passive investment game, January is turning into a good month. OLX3 profits are improving, Aggeroinvestment paid us within 1hour, that's fabulous! Aggeroinvestment will be open to the public until Jan 18th, so get in while you still have a chance.

Premiumadsclub also has paid us within 1 hour. Easyshareprofit is a real steady company, their pay is based on revenue sharing. We're almost certain that revenue sharing is the future for most passive investment programs for long term growth.

Just as we thought, Goldnuggetinvest is turning out to be a great paying company, and it's fun!

Look out, we just added a new investment company that seems to pay pretty good in returns. We're testing it now and will let you know our findings next week, so far it looks promising.

Two of our private programs may be getting their act together after heat in the forest, time will tell. We'll keep you posted.

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