Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bigger and Better 2008

Here's to the road ahead,
2008 is already here.... It has definitely had its ups and downs...Between the two of us in 2007 money was made and lost and made again, lessons were learned.
We made a big jump in our knowledge of finances...We taught friends how to trade in the Stock/Currency Market, to buy Real Estate and other money making endeavors.
Although we had fun last year, 2008 is about doing it Bigger and Better, and taking our dreams and goals to the next level...

While it's true we've been faced with many problems in the last year, like the real estate downfall, the credit crunch, (yes it affected us) the war, racism, street violence, poverty etc. What do we do? do we give up? Do we buy into being a victim? No! We take life head on and let the bruises from our strife and experiences make us better.

We continue on as beacons to our communities, like the men and women before us. Knowing that success is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for the world.

Many of the wealthy we encountered were the first in their families to become rich. The myth is: only the rich get rich...The reality is anybody can become wealthy if they want it bad enough.
With financial security you have more options.
We all deserve to be wealthy financially, mentally and physically. But most people just don't know what it takes.

The great news is, we do. We positioned ourselves around so many wealthy people in 2007 it was just ridiculous, but we were on a mission to obtain substantial wealth for ourselves. We studied their behaviors and asked a lot of questions and finally, equipped with an oil lamp and compass, we concluded the first stage of our research with a road map, so you can follow.

We will continue marking our path to riches, come along. As a complimentary service, once a month, we will share what we have learned, along with the success that we are experiencing and hopefully we can get you excited about your life and the possibilities.

Additionally, we will share successful innovative money making systems that work! This year we have a lot on our plate. The Stock/Currency markets, real estate, corporate credit, investment clubs, seminars, workshops, lectures and stand-up comedy [yes we are back]. We'll be learning new things like the commodities market and internet marketing. We'll be busy this year, I'm glad it's two of us.

Here's one piece of information gleaned from the wealthy- "believe you can have anything you want in life, but you'll have be able to change and grow, or you'll just stay will force you to adapt if you want to stay relevant."

We leave this blog by saying: You control your fate in 2008!
Health, Wealth and Freedom.

The Mooney Twins

The Mooney Twins