Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Message From The Mooney Twins/Fresh and Easy Passive Streams of Income Opportunities Available to The Network Now!

Easy Passive Income Opportunities

Thank you for your participation with The Mooney Twins Network. We anticipate a life long association with progressive members like you.

Something For Your Wealth Portfolio
Here's a couple of easy cashflow streams we know you'll enjoy...

Your network has added to its profile two of the easiest and sure bet opportunities to earn money doing next to nothing. The Mooney Twins are excited to introduce the finest passive income programs of the year. Mrs. VIP and QLx3. If you missed out on any of the great opportunities provided throughout the last year. That's one thing, but missing this opportunity is another.In terms of easy and regular extra cash, we can't top these. So don't miss out!

The Mooney Twins Show-up Regularly With the Freshest and Most Creative Cashflow Hook-ups.

Members of the network are already lining up for these superb opportunities to create extra cashflow.

Mrs. VIP is an auto-advertisement surf program, that allows daily interest earned on investments, ranging from $20.00 to $10,000. Earn good money daily to simply view and rate a few web sites that are presented to you like a slide show. Doesn't take long at all to match your principal and start compounding your growth. Visit:

Plus, investment incentives include dollar for dollar online advertisement placement, for those interested in promoting their businesses. Your prinicipal doubles as a wage earner, and it secures prime time advertisement for your businesses and your web sites.

The second opportunity--QLx3 is an exclusive invitation to gain access to a private offshore international credit union that insures your money and pays a handsome percentage each and every business day. Along with a host of other dynamic incentives. Visit:

Joining the Mooney Twins Network is a great way make life long bonds, while developing and maintaining extra streams of income. Join today. The benefits and rewards are exciting. ~The Mooney Twins

Put extra money in your pocket five days a week with the click of the mouse, and a scroll of your pen.

Creating Passive Streams of Income is a habit of the rich!

The Mooney Twins are committed to providing you with the latest finance & health opportunites available. And as always, outstanding personal service. If you have any questions about our new opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dwayne & Daryl Mooney,The Mooney Twins Network

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