Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dwayne's Corner

To make money in the passive investing world you constantly have to be learning, growing and testing new robots and signal software. Also developing your game.

If you are not trading live, then you should be using a demo account. I trade live and use demo accounts for new fx robots and new trading strategies. In this way you keep your pulse in the game. I am also looking for different passive investing programs to get in. Even if I am not in a particular program, I look at the profits different programs are making. I do this so I can know whats hot, whats not.

If you had 100,000.00 would you know what to do with it ? What to invest in? Could you turn that 100,000.00 into 20,000.00 a month on average ? I do, and you can too. If you put in the time your awarness and knowledge will give you the information that you need to make good passive investment decisions. All of a sudden you will find the money you need.

It's about passive investing but its also about cashflow and mutiplestreamsofoincome. You have to find ways to make extra income. Two fantastic ways are networkmarketing and having a turnkey internet business.

This week, I will be introducing 2 programs that will help your generate money to get corp credit and fund your passive investments bigtime. So be ready.

The Mooney Twins