Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dwayne's Corner

In my world of investing: This past month has been devastating for many in the online investing business. With businesses and programs, especially high yielding auto surfing companies plumeting, either with bad investments, or exposed as ponzi schemes.

It’s rough out there, the internet ponds are swimming with sharks! With conditions like these, it's a bad time to join any new auto surfing program. Predators take off with fortunes, disappearing with out a clue and then re-open using different names to take on new unsuspecting customers, or hopeful veterens.

In other news, somethings remain true. Oceanside wealth a network marketing company which boast a 60 Million Dollar Forex auto trader is having management problems, however the auto trader works fine. Unfortunately, greed maybe taking over, and there are a lot of big egos to contend with. We've grown familiar with warning signs, so we've taken Oceanside down from our website of offerings.

On another note, one of our core companies, an auto surf program Mrs. VIP's owners sold the company, reportedly to some big wiz people in Europe. This could be a good thing. The transfer is said to take about 6 weeks. According to officials, we should look for bigger and better things in the very near future with Mrs. VIP.

My best auto surfing program, Madzpop is allegedly missing $200,000.00 from its accounts. Some mix up with one of the payment processors. Until that is solved we can’t surf and make money. We should have word this week on what will be done. Also, Madzpop just went private; closed to new members until further notice.

Quick Updates...
My old investment companies Qlx3 and CashLinkFinancial are doing well they have both added new investment programs with bigger profits.

My best paying auto surfing company AggeroInvestment has gone private-closed to new members, but will open to the public soon.

Just added a new program called GoldnuggetInvest it is a sports betting program. They use a hedging formula, that never misses. So far it looks good.

And finally, I am researching 2 investment programs, right now. Hope to add them to the roster if they pass my test.

I have my own private FX auto trader that is doing real well. Will let you know about it next month.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mooney Twins Investment Programs

FX Generator is an automatic foreign currency exchange (“Forex”) trading system (“auto-trader”) that enables you to generate a steady stream of income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Make money in your sleep! For a small fee, we will install the auto-trader program on your computer and give you personal training on how to use the program to your advantage, then you’re off and making money in the international, Trillion dollar a day Forex Market. For more information, call (323) 823-4969.

Financial Destinations, Inc. (FDI) is a complete financial solutions company. FDI helps you save money, make money and create wealth. We can help you raise your credit score, eliminate debt, give you objective financial education and planning, give you access to attorneys and accountants, and provide health benefits and other rewards. FDI is for those who truly want to be debt free millionaires. For information or registration in the FDI program, visit

Corporate Credit: Incorporating is not just for big business ventures, it’s also for small businesses. In fact, a legal corporation can have just one employee. We can help you incorporate your business, or business idea and obtain up to $200,000 in corporate lines of credit (a credit score of 700 is usually required). Incorporating yourself or your business is one of the first steps on the path to personal and financial freedom. For more information, call (323) 606-1746.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Qlx3 Sign-up (Team Mooney)

Sign-up instructions for QLx3

Be sure to join with The Mooney Twins.
We offer free support, go to:

*Things You Must Have*

1) G-mail account (this is an email account, it is necessary to have a G-mail account for the program)
2) E-Bullion account with at least $250
3) Some way to fund E-bullion usually STP
4) Scanned picture of drivers license.


1. Click the Join button
2. Go through sign-up process (fill out username, password and agree with all the terms).
3. Click Home
4. Pay the $50.00 subscription
5. Click Manage account and Go to OPG (Oxford Privacy Group)
6. Go to sign-up for OPG and fill out login name, password and all other info.
7. Make sure all of the information is accurate.
*Important: Use your G-MAIL Account* As QLX3 will send the username and password to that account.
9.Go to pay subscription for OPG, it will cost $100 dollars
10.The username and password you signed up with will be sent to your G-mail account. Keep them in your files!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Message From The Mooney Twins/Fresh and Easy Passive Streams of Income Opportunities Available to The Network Now!

Easy Passive Income Opportunities

Thank you for your participation with The Mooney Twins Network. We anticipate a life long association with progressive members like you.

Something For Your Wealth Portfolio
Here's a couple of easy cashflow streams we know you'll enjoy...

Your network has added to its profile two of the easiest and sure bet opportunities to earn money doing next to nothing. The Mooney Twins are excited to introduce the finest passive income programs of the year. Mrs. VIP and QLx3. If you missed out on any of the great opportunities provided throughout the last year. That's one thing, but missing this opportunity is another.In terms of easy and regular extra cash, we can't top these. So don't miss out!

The Mooney Twins Show-up Regularly With the Freshest and Most Creative Cashflow Hook-ups.

Members of the network are already lining up for these superb opportunities to create extra cashflow.

Mrs. VIP is an auto-advertisement surf program, that allows daily interest earned on investments, ranging from $20.00 to $10,000. Earn good money daily to simply view and rate a few web sites that are presented to you like a slide show. Doesn't take long at all to match your principal and start compounding your growth. Visit:

Plus, investment incentives include dollar for dollar online advertisement placement, for those interested in promoting their businesses. Your prinicipal doubles as a wage earner, and it secures prime time advertisement for your businesses and your web sites.

The second opportunity--QLx3 is an exclusive invitation to gain access to a private offshore international credit union that insures your money and pays a handsome percentage each and every business day. Along with a host of other dynamic incentives. Visit:

Joining the Mooney Twins Network is a great way make life long bonds, while developing and maintaining extra streams of income. Join today. The benefits and rewards are exciting. ~The Mooney Twins

Put extra money in your pocket five days a week with the click of the mouse, and a scroll of your pen.

Creating Passive Streams of Income is a habit of the rich!

The Mooney Twins are committed to providing you with the latest finance & health opportunites available. And as always, outstanding personal service. If you have any questions about our new opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dwayne & Daryl Mooney,The Mooney Twins Network

Brownstone Public Relations & Publishing

Monday, February 18, 2008

February is Black History. Let's talk about the history of blacks and money

In the Black

February is a very special month of the year for the Mooney Twins. We always get excited, that for one whole month America gives homage and recognition to the history of Americans of African decent.

We are grateful that our ancestors fought and died for our right to seriously pursue success.

Our culture is rich with Blacks who helped America become great. Rightly so, every February we hear about the inventions, and historical events our people were in volved in and created. We hear talks of greats like Martin Luthur King, Malcom X and Harriot Tubman, and those who were committed to the noble fight.

But seldom do we hear about the millionaires of black history. We'd like to introduce you to a few blacks who were, let us say, "In the black." In other words, those who were self-made millionaires during the height of racism in America. Prominate individuals that immediately come to mind are AG Gaston and Madame CJ Walker.

AG Gaston [July 4,1892-Jan 19,1996]was a businessman who established a number of businesses in Burmingham Alabama. He opened a Savings and Loan Company in the early 1950s. In 1954 he built a Motel and had other successful business interest.

Madame CJ Walker [Dec 23,,1867-May 25,1919] was a entrepeneur who built and empire in the early 1900s by developing haircare products for black women. She recruited and trained black women all over the country to sell her hair products. She is hailed the mother of Network marketing and was the first female Millionaire in America.

Surly if Gaston and Walker could become successful with the the challenges they faced. We, Americans of African decent, who benefit greatly from the civil dilligence of our ancesters can do no less.

The same principals that helped them acheive apply today: work, vision, preseverance, leadership, determination and commitment.

We salute all past and present succesful Americans of African decent who are "in the black."

Passive Income Tip of the Month. check out "Mrs VIP." This is a innovative auto surfing program that pays 1% a day. To participate invest $100.00- $10,000.00 in the program. Then sit back and check out and grade high quality websights for 20 minutes a day.

Members around the globe are getting paid monthly for surfing-- Something you already do for free.Example of payout: Invest 1,000.00 in Ms. VIP letting it compound for 9 months increases your account to $10,000.00. That means you would be averaging 3000,00 monthly.

Not bad for 20 minutes a day. Visit: and click Mrs VIP. Check out the info and listen to the audio, then get contact us when you are ready to sign-up

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bigger and Better 2008

Here's to the road ahead,
2008 is already here.... It has definitely had its ups and downs...Between the two of us in 2007 money was made and lost and made again, lessons were learned.
We made a big jump in our knowledge of finances...We taught friends how to trade in the Stock/Currency Market, to buy Real Estate and other money making endeavors.
Although we had fun last year, 2008 is about doing it Bigger and Better, and taking our dreams and goals to the next level...

While it's true we've been faced with many problems in the last year, like the real estate downfall, the credit crunch, (yes it affected us) the war, racism, street violence, poverty etc. What do we do? do we give up? Do we buy into being a victim? No! We take life head on and let the bruises from our strife and experiences make us better.

We continue on as beacons to our communities, like the men and women before us. Knowing that success is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for the world.

Many of the wealthy we encountered were the first in their families to become rich. The myth is: only the rich get rich...The reality is anybody can become wealthy if they want it bad enough.
With financial security you have more options.
We all deserve to be wealthy financially, mentally and physically. But most people just don't know what it takes.

The great news is, we do. We positioned ourselves around so many wealthy people in 2007 it was just ridiculous, but we were on a mission to obtain substantial wealth for ourselves. We studied their behaviors and asked a lot of questions and finally, equipped with an oil lamp and compass, we concluded the first stage of our research with a road map, so you can follow.

We will continue marking our path to riches, come along. As a complimentary service, once a month, we will share what we have learned, along with the success that we are experiencing and hopefully we can get you excited about your life and the possibilities.

Additionally, we will share successful innovative money making systems that work! This year we have a lot on our plate. The Stock/Currency markets, real estate, corporate credit, investment clubs, seminars, workshops, lectures and stand-up comedy [yes we are back]. We'll be learning new things like the commodities market and internet marketing. We'll be busy this year, I'm glad it's two of us.

Here's one piece of information gleaned from the wealthy- "believe you can have anything you want in life, but you'll have be able to change and grow, or you'll just stay will force you to adapt if you want to stay relevant."

We leave this blog by saying: You control your fate in 2008!
Health, Wealth and Freedom.

The Mooney Twins

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Winning the Money Game ~ Tour America

Los Angeles, CA - December 27, 2007- According to The Mooney Twins, "there is, infact, a poverty disease growing in the country." To address the problem of growing financial distress for America's youth, Conscious comedian/Investment consultants, The Mooney Twins present "Winning the Money Game - Tour America 2008.

While financial forecasters have a lot to say about the economic depression that seems to lurk upon the American People. When referring to the economic break down and real-estate slump of 2007, The Mooney Twins call it a condition of "Brokitis." Daryl Mooney says it's inflammation of the credit card. Dwayne Mooney says it empty pocket syndrome.

But whatever the case The Mooney Twins believe the best way to help the poor is to refuse to be one of them.

With their humorous and financially enlightening lecture series The Mooney Twins provide aggressive investment information, stock and currency market introduction, and financial self help and motivation for youth of the digital era.

The Mooney Twins Network financial seminars are designed to introduce seemingly complex information to young people, in a format and tone they can easily digest. "Winning the Money Game for Young People" is an appropriate presentation for needs unique to the age of information and its special requirement of heavy stimulation and immediate reward.

This tour is slated to be one of the most innovative power lectures for young people of the year.
"Expect the most fun and information available in a lecture seminar with The Mooney Twins lecture series "Winning the Money game ~Tour 2008," said publicist, Billie Jordan.

The Mooney Twins have cracked the do-it-your-self code to investing in the stock and currency markets, and have set out to empower America's youth to take advantage of an era where the road to wealth, buried under a plethora of information, can been paved and clear.

At a time when information can be confusing in its abundance, The Mooney Twins cut out the need to sift through tons of information and figure a course. "Winning the Money Game" is more than a seminar, it's a plan of action.

Winning the Money Game~ Tour 2008 is a youth financial lecture series and subsequent action plan with comedic relief. The seminar topics include the mindset for wealth motivation, making and saving money, the power of good credit vs. poor credit, investing in the stock and currency markets, the importance of homeownership and more.

The Mooney Twins' Winning the Money Game~ Tour 2008 expects to be one of the most motivating and financially relevant of the year for young people, precise resources for follow through provided.

The Mooney Twins are committed to identifying and providing the most innovative finance & health opportunites available. And as always, humor and outstanding personal service
Arrange to bring The Mooney Twins and "Winning the Money Game for Young People" to your neighborhood schools or community events today.

For media interviews, or booking information contact Billie Jordan/ Hollywood Brownstone Public Relations & Publishing 323-383-2687
Or Contact The Mooney Twins Network 323-823-4969

The Mooney Twins