Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dwayne's Corner

Hello Family, I am back with New great programs.

The question is, how much money do you want to make this year?
For the last 4 months I have been researching the best Passive Investment programs in the world and I have found some goodies.

From 10.00 to 100.00 to ge started Passive Investment programs

Bestethanol invest in Bio Ethanol (wheat, corn, sugar beets, sugar cane) This investment plan pay's a minimum 1% a day.

A.M.F 1989 This investment program has been open for 4 years. It's a fully licensed company for the purpose of collecting funds to trade in securities or investment opportunities in Asian markets. Pay's up to 25% a month.

Wbwso Be part owner of quality websites. The owners adminstrates and develops them. By investing we get to share in the profits.There major partners are Google Adsense, eBay,Amazon,Clickbank and Clicksor. They have different packages you can invest in shorterm and longterm. Pay's on average 7% bi-weekly. is an Arbitrage Betting program that invest your money daily. Profits are based on performance averages 3 to 5% a week.

1000.00 and up Managed Accounts and totally transparent Passive Investment programs.

Go to
Click News and look at the Passive Investments they have.

Forex Robots
This is away you can control your own money and have forex robots trade for you.I have the best forex commercial robots on the market.Email me for more info and cost.

Corporate Credit
I have different Corp Credit funding programs that will help you put more money in your Passive Investments.This is the key strategy for financial success.

Coming next week. Away to create cashflow mixed with wellness so you can invest in some of my Passive Investments.

The Mooney Twins