Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dwayne's Corner

In my world of investing: This past month has been devastating for many in the online investing business. With businesses and programs, especially high yielding auto surfing companies plumeting, either with bad investments, or exposed as ponzi schemes.

It’s rough out there, the internet ponds are swimming with sharks! With conditions like these, it's a bad time to join any new auto surfing program. Predators take off with fortunes, disappearing with out a clue and then re-open using different names to take on new unsuspecting customers, or hopeful veterens.

In other news, somethings remain true. Oceanside wealth a network marketing company which boast a 60 Million Dollar Forex auto trader is having management problems, however the auto trader works fine. Unfortunately, greed maybe taking over, and there are a lot of big egos to contend with. We've grown familiar with warning signs, so we've taken Oceanside down from our website of offerings.

On another note, one of our core companies, an auto surf program Mrs. VIP's owners sold the company, reportedly to some big wiz people in Europe. This could be a good thing. The transfer is said to take about 6 weeks. According to officials, we should look for bigger and better things in the very near future with Mrs. VIP.

My best auto surfing program, Madzpop is allegedly missing $200,000.00 from its accounts. Some mix up with one of the payment processors. Until that is solved we can’t surf and make money. We should have word this week on what will be done. Also, Madzpop just went private; closed to new members until further notice.

Quick Updates...
My old investment companies Qlx3 and CashLinkFinancial are doing well they have both added new investment programs with bigger profits.

My best paying auto surfing company AggeroInvestment has gone private-closed to new members, but will open to the public soon.

Just added a new program called GoldnuggetInvest it is a sports betting program. They use a hedging formula, that never misses. So far it looks good.

And finally, I am researching 2 investment programs, right now. Hope to add them to the roster if they pass my test.

I have my own private FX auto trader that is doing real well. Will let you know about it next month.

The Mooney Twins