Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Winning the Money Game ~ Tour America

Los Angeles, CA - December 27, 2007- According to The Mooney Twins, "there is, infact, a poverty disease growing in the country." To address the problem of growing financial distress for America's youth, Conscious comedian/Investment consultants, The Mooney Twins present "Winning the Money Game - Tour America 2008.

While financial forecasters have a lot to say about the economic depression that seems to lurk upon the American People. When referring to the economic break down and real-estate slump of 2007, The Mooney Twins call it a condition of "Brokitis." Daryl Mooney says it's inflammation of the credit card. Dwayne Mooney says it empty pocket syndrome.

But whatever the case The Mooney Twins believe the best way to help the poor is to refuse to be one of them.

With their humorous and financially enlightening lecture series The Mooney Twins provide aggressive investment information, stock and currency market introduction, and financial self help and motivation for youth of the digital era.

The Mooney Twins Network financial seminars are designed to introduce seemingly complex information to young people, in a format and tone they can easily digest. "Winning the Money Game for Young People" is an appropriate presentation for needs unique to the age of information and its special requirement of heavy stimulation and immediate reward.

This tour is slated to be one of the most innovative power lectures for young people of the year.
"Expect the most fun and information available in a lecture seminar with The Mooney Twins lecture series "Winning the Money game ~Tour 2008," said publicist, Billie Jordan.

The Mooney Twins have cracked the do-it-your-self code to investing in the stock and currency markets, and have set out to empower America's youth to take advantage of an era where the road to wealth, buried under a plethora of information, can been paved and clear.

At a time when information can be confusing in its abundance, The Mooney Twins cut out the need to sift through tons of information and figure a course. "Winning the Money Game" is more than a seminar, it's a plan of action.

Winning the Money Game~ Tour 2008 is a youth financial lecture series and subsequent action plan with comedic relief. The seminar topics include the mindset for wealth motivation, making and saving money, the power of good credit vs. poor credit, investing in the stock and currency markets, the importance of homeownership and more.

The Mooney Twins' Winning the Money Game~ Tour 2008 expects to be one of the most motivating and financially relevant of the year for young people, precise resources for follow through provided.

The Mooney Twins are committed to identifying and providing the most innovative finance & health opportunites available. And as always, humor and outstanding personal service
Arrange to bring The Mooney Twins and "Winning the Money Game for Young People" to your neighborhood schools or community events today.

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