Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello People, the passive investment world has been a wild ride this week..

Two of the best longterm programs have ended GoldnuggetInvest and Nanomoneycorp ..When the good ones end you really have to take notice..

You see 99.99 % of the online investment programs are a game..The few real ones don't last forever either..However you can still make money, the key is treat them all as a game, that way you will always make money.I suggest to never put more then 500.00 in an online passivement program ( I learned the hard way) always take profit and diversify your money.If you want to see my list of passive investment programs go to my website and click passive investing..

Forex Robot Training
I am open again for more people that want to take my Forex Robot Training webinar course where I teach you how to use multiple forex robots and how to do manual trades in the forex market..I believe this is the best course out there for people who want to make alot of money who have little time and be in control of their investing dollars.I have a free webinar tomorrow at 7pm pt so you can get an idea of what I am doing it will blow your mind..Email me for link

The Forex Robot Investment Project
I just started the Forex Investment Project which is a investment club where people put in a minimum of 500.00 to 5000.00 I am trading the account using 3 of my handpicked forex robots and using my trading software..Our first week started with a setback because of a misunderstanding I had from the broker..Because of this misunderstanding I overleveraged the account and it put me in a serious drawdown..It took me 3 days to make the moneyback and we are now in profit..It will be smooth sailing from here.. If interested in letting your money work for you with a totally real transparent program email me at

Coming Soon

I am working out new opportunities for people..It seems I have found a good source for corporate credit where you don't have to use your credit score they supply the Guarantor..You can get a minimum 150,000.00 in 10 weeks..

Also, I am looking at another forex managed account trader out of Europe who I will be bringing to you soon, his results are fantastic..

The Real estate world is opening up bigtime so we are looking at a couple of online real estate investment opportunities people can get invoved in so they can buy property at wholesale prices that is a turnkey system where the properties are already rented out and managed for you..

Note- It has been alot of hardwork and sacrifice to get to this point..Things are really starting to fall in place..I now have connections with people around the world who are doing what I am doing at a higher level..

This passive investing world once mastered you can do it if for a lifetime..All you need is a computer, internet connection and a millionaire mind.

If you follow my system I will make you rich!!!

The Mooney Twins