Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Qlx3 Sign-up (Team Mooney)

Sign-up instructions for QLx3

Be sure to join with The Mooney Twins.
We offer free support, go to: www.qlx3.com/Daryl3

*Things You Must Have*

1) G-mail account (this is an email account, it is necessary to have a G-mail account for the program)
2) E-Bullion account with at least $250
3) Some way to fund E-bullion usually STP
4) Scanned picture of drivers license.


1. Click the Join button
2. Go through sign-up process (fill out username, password and agree with all the terms).
3. Click Home
4. Pay the $50.00 subscription
5. Click Manage account and Go to OPG (Oxford Privacy Group)
6. Go to sign-up for OPG and fill out login name, password and all other info.
7. Make sure all of the information is accurate.
*Important: Use your G-MAIL Account* As QLX3 will send the username and password to that account.
9.Go to pay subscription for OPG, it will cost $100 dollars
10.The username and password you signed up with will be sent to your G-mail account. Keep them in your files!

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