Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dwayne's Corner

Hello People,

Here is a program out of Germany that is giving away $200 and you will never have to invest a penny beyond that to qualify for earnings.

I received my 200.00 and put it back in. I will see what happens.I will see. I am open.

Warning: There is always a chance that this program is just gathering email addresses in which case it might want to use an alternate email or they may ask you to put money in to get the 1500.00 out, in either case go in with your eyes wide open.

But if it does what they say it will do then you will have an extra $3500 per month by risking nothing apart from exposing your email. Join up right away because there is a limit to how many people they are taking. VERY easy to join - takes about a minute or two.

Sign up here http://www.forex4free.org/?ref=mooney123

Here is how it works: 1. You sign up2. Within about 24 hours you receive $200 into your account3. You invest that in their system4. When it reaches $1500 you will withdraw it and put it into your own managed FOREX account.5. They will take 25% and you will get 75% of the profits.
Why should they give you $200 for free?Well, it's all explained in their FAQ on their site at http://www.forex4free.org/?ref=mooney123 If the German site comes up, just click the US/UK flag to see the English version.

You must have a Liberty Reserve account in order to register. You can set up an account at no cost here ....easy to do.http://www.libertyreserve.com?ref=U5493415

After you join LR make a note of your Liberty Reserve account number. Log in to your Forex4Free account and put the Liberty Reserve account number in the appropriate place. $200 will be added to your account by the admin. within 24 hrs.Once the money is in your account click make deposit to accounton the left side and choose Freeforex plan and deposit all $200 from your account balance.

You must also deposit all your referral commissions as you receive them. You will get an email each time you receive a referral commission. ($20 first level and $10 other levels) This one is filling up very fast so you need to act now before all spots are filled.Pass these instructions on to people you are inviting in and be sure to deposit your $200 as soon as you receive it or you will lose it after 24 hours.

This new program gives you $200 - and you never have to spend a penny. Read the FAQ section. If they do not deliver, you lose 2 minutes of your time.

Sign up here http://www.forex4free.org/?ref=mooney123

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