Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daryl Mooney- The Law of Courage!

Experts have concluded that to be successful in any aspect of your life that it is the courage to take the "first step" that makes all the difference. This is the courage to launch in the direction of your goals, with no guarantee of success. Most people lack this kind of courage. Once you have the courage to go for it then you must have the courage to persist.

You need first of all, the courage to begin, to move out of your comfort zone in the direction of your goals and dreams, even though you know will experience many problems, difficulties, and temporary failures along the way. Now you need the courage to endure, to hang in there, to persist in the face of all adversity until you finally win through. 5 years ago I went through a physical ailment that i had no idea what it was nor did the doctors I know I had arthritic and fibromyalgia like systems. I could barely bend over, my whole body was in tremendous pain and i became naturally fearful, however and kept exercising with adjustments, doing herbal therapy and even adjusted my diet (I was already a vegan). I stayed courageous and visioned myself well and kept on doing positive things necessary on every level including laugh therapy and great sex.

The most helpful person was my wife she, she nursed me, inspired me and administered some serious exotic healing oils that mad a great difference. But ultimately it was my independent courage they saw me through. I eventually got back on top of my physical game, with no pain and back doing my body weight fitness exercises. You see,, courage is not an absence of fear it's sometimes feeling fear and being positive anyway. And once you are in motion, fear subsides or leaves. As they say "feel the fear and do it anyway."

One thing I learned from the great empowerment specialist Tony Robbins is the power of physiology to turn fear into courage. Physiology is your body language, facial expression, your breathing patterns, and your emotional and energy state. So if you are fearful, your physiology looks a certain way. Start practicing the physiology of courage, stand tall, shoulders back, relaxed with a smile of victory on your face. Feel fearless in fact, act like you have a superman or woman cape on your back and walk around feeling super heroic and you are coming to save your own day!

It sounds funny but this stuff works. The average person evades the thing he or she fears. The superior person turns toward the fear and confronts it. Force yourself to do things you fear, over and over again until the fear eventually disappears. The primary reason why people fail to get that date, that sale, that career, that dream because they fear rejection. Get over rejection by rejecting rejection.

No is only a word. You will realize as you keep asking no's mean nothing and you must know your yes is coming. Say yes to Courage and Courage will make life say Yes to you!!!,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wealth Builder's Corner

The 100% Winner Arbitrage Software
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dwayne's Corner


This is some quit your job news


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dwayne's Corner

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dwayne's Corner

Jan 11, 2011

Hey People,

I have a Gift for You

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dwayne's Corner

Hey Family,

This is it, what you have been asking for.

I'll get straight to the point, there's money on the table and lots of it.

Integrity For All is a hot new program that is something different.

This type of program is a new form of an ancient system. It's roots come from West Africa where it was a common practice for a group of let's say, 6 people to come together and give one person in the group an equal amount of money. Let's say 100. Each person would have his turn to recieve the designated amount times 10 every month, in this case $6000.00 monthly.This practice is called Asusu.

This is a Gifting program.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Dwayne's Corner

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