Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dwayne's Corner

Hello family,here is some news in the passive investment industry..

My top performing online investment program Goldnuggetinvest is having problems with paying..This program has been good to me for about a year..I believe it is the beginning of the end..Signs have been there for the last 4 months with all the problems they have been having they had my support because they continued to pay..But I think this time they will not make it..I have seen the signs before the adminstrator telling us he is working on new streams of income, the market conditions are terrible, banks have frozen their money etc..Do I believe what he is saying? It really doesn't matter all I know is anytime there is cashflow problems and I feel the tension of the company where it sounds like its a struggle 9 times out of 10 it over..

This is why I always say the number one rule is never fall in love with one company, diversification is the key and always take profit..I am currently in 15 programs getting paid from 13 of them on time..

If your going to play this game and it is a game..Anytime you don't have control of you money you better treat it like a game..Ask the people who Madoff ripped off or the people who lost big money in the stockmarket..

I currently put 80% of my money in my Forex Robots and manual trades, 20% in online investing and managed accounts..None of them work 100% of the time however you can make a profits week after week, month after month, if you follow my system...You have to play the game to win..I have people who take my forex robot training and ended up stopping because they think they have enough information then go out and lose money..This is because they think they know what to do but they don't have the experience..

Bottomline to make money in the passive investment industry you have to have a plan and a system and my system works in fact I will put my system up next to anybody's..Try and see if it will not work for you..I have a Forex Robot Free Webinar class Thursday at 7pm pt if you are interested email at

Robot of the month is the megadroid this one has been giving me over 90% winning trades for months..Just set it and leave it.. Go to my site click passive investing and order your megadroid robot..

The Mooney Twins